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Cancer-CellCancer initiation and progression are driven by a series of genetic and epigenetic alterations that cause either activation of oncogenes or inactivation of tumor suppressor genes, both accompanied by broad alterations in genome utilization and gene expression programs. Cancer research has shifted from a pure genetic to a mixed genetic/epigenetic approach. The emergence of powerful technologies such as next-generation sequencing for genome-wide analysis of genetic, epigenetic or other mechanistic alterations has also impacted the field. These changes will have far-reaching implications for our capacity to understand the causes of cancer, to decipher the pathways and molecules involved and to devise new strategies for prevention and treatment. BGI is part of several cancer research projects and collaborations including the International Cancer Genome Project (ICHG), some of which can be reviewed by visiting our cancer research related publications page.

Building on the expertise that developed from our involvement in these research projects, BGI is able to offer the Cancer Research community our innovative “One Stop, Total Solutions” service package, which includes

  • Comprehensive solutions to investigate the cancer genome, transcriptome and epigenome (e.g., whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, and RNA-Seq)
  • Unique solutions that exploit our distinctive ability to perform single-cell sequencing, virus integration sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis on patient-derived xenografts

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