BGI NGS platforms and specifications

BGI features the industry's most cutting-edge next generation sequencing platforms including its own proprietary BGISEQ series platforms offering quality data at affordable pricing for a wide variety of sequencing services and clinical applications. BGI almost boasts one of the industry's largest sequencing capacities and has wide variety of other NGS platforms to meet all our customers' needs. We are a Certified Service Provider (CSPro) for the Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencing technologies, which ensures our customers the highest possible standards of data quality.

BGISEQ-500 is an industry leading high-throughput sequencing solution, powered by combinatorial Probe-Anchor Synthesis (cPAS) and improved DNA Nanoballs (DNB) technology. The cPAS chemistry works by incorporating a fluorescent probe to a DNA anchor on the DNB, followed by high-resolution digital imaging. This combination of linear amplification and DNB technology reduces the error rate while enhancing the signal. In addition, the size of the DNB is controlled in such a way that only one DNB is bound per active site. This patterned array technology not only provides sequencing accuracy, but it also increases the chip utilization and sample density.
Technical specifications for the BGISEQ-500.
The BGISEQ-50 has a built-in independent sample reagent loading reservoir and full-automatic reagent needle penetration system. This simplified structure can carry out multiple automatic functions, including sample loading, sequencing and data analysis. The compact size makes it practical for most laboratories. The BGISEQ-50 has been designed with specific applicability for basic sequencing projects in clinical and scientific research.
Technical specifications for the BGISEQ-50.
Illumina HiSeq 4000
The Illumina HiSeq 4000 system is one of the most powerful sequencing machines on the market and is used by most major genome centers and leading institutions around the world. This machine offers ultra-high-throughput sequencing for a myriad of project types. Sequencing is conducted either in the High Output Mode (8 lane flowcell) or Rapid Run Mode (2 lane flowcell). BGI can accept most projects involving custom indexing and sequencing primers, as well as projects that have different read1 and read2 lengths using the Rapid Run Mode on the HiSeq.
Technical specifications for the HiSeq4000
Ion Torrent Platform
The Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM) is a small benchtop sequencer. When a nucleotide is incorporated into a strand of DNA by a polymerase, a hydrogen ion (H+) is released as a byproduct. This hydrogen ion carries a charge which the PGM™ System’s ion sensor can detect and convert into a base call. We offer sequencing on the Ion PGM™ 318 chip with 200bp read lengths.
Technical specifications for the Ion PGMTM
PacBio Sequel System – coming soon!
The PacBio Sequel System platform is based on PacBio’s proven Single Molecule, Real Time (SMRT) sequencing technology. This SMRT sequencing on the PacBio Sequel combines long read technology and rapid sequencing with 7 times higher throughput compared to previous systems for the highest-quality data. The PacBio Sequel is ideal for whole genome de novo assembly projects that require higher-quality data, microbial genome assembly, identifying DNA modications without bisulfite treatment, and identifying large structural variants. The system delivers up to 99.999% accuracy.
Learn more about the instrument here
Illumina MiSeq
The Illumina MiSeq is a smaller benchtop version of the Illumina HiSeq for smaller throughputs. This machine offers ultra-fast sequencing with many flexible options. Read lengths are up to 300bp paired-end, which exceeds that of the HiSeq.
Technical specifications for the MiSeq
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