Immune Repertoire Sequencing
Sequencing Services
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  • Service Description

    BGI’s Immune Repertoire Sequencing (IR-SEQ) service enables partners to examine the adaptive immune system with bias-controlled multiplex PCR or 5’ RACE amplification and high-throughput sequencing of T-cell and B-cell receptors. 
IR-Seq allows researchers to better understand adaptive immune-mediated diseases and supports research in to a broad range of other applications including:

    • Biomarker discovery
    • Infectious diseases
    • Vaccine development and efficacy
    • Asthma and allergy
    • Transplant rejection and tolerance
    • Immune response to malignancy
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Cancer immunotherapy
  • Sequencing Service Specification

    Services are performed on the HiSeq4000 platform, PE100/150 for mul-PCR library

    Miseq platform: PE300 for 5’RACE library

    Mul-PCR: short insert library

    5’RACE: long insert library

    Sample Requirements
    RNA sample requirements Agilent Bioanalyzer
    Library Type Sample Type Remarks Volume Range Quantity Concentration, RIN, 28S/18S(23S/16S) Electrophero gram
    Immune Repertoire Sequencing Mul-PCR or 5'RACE Sorted T cells RNA / PBMCs RNA Strongly Recommended 15μL - 100μL m≥1μg c≥35ng/μL, RIN≥7.0, 28S/18S≥1.0 The base line is smooth and 5S peak is normal.
    Required m≥0.5μg
    Whole blood RNA/ Tissue RNA* Strongly Recommended m≥3μg c≥70ng/μL, RIN≥7.0, 28S/18S≥1.0
    Required m≥1.5μg
    RNA sample requirements Quantitative result
    Product Name Library Type Sample Type Remarks Volume Range Quantity Qubit® Gel Photo
    Immune Repertoire Sequencing Mul-PCR Sorted T cells DNA / PBMCs DNA Strongly Recommended 15μL - 100μL m≥1μg c≥30ng/μL No degradation or partially degraded, No protein contamination
    Required m≥0.5μg
    Whole blood DNA/ Tissue DNA Strongly Recommended m≥3μg c≥85ng/μL
    Required m≥1.5μg