Target Region Bisulfite Sequencing
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  • Service Description

    Cytosine methylation can significantly modify gene expression and chromatin remodeling. Leveraging the power of next-generation sequencing (NGS), bisulfite sequencing can be done with targeted methods such as amplicon methyl-seq and target enrichment, to provide insight into methylation patterns at a single nucleotide level for specific regions of interest in the human genome as identified, for example, by ENCODE or FANTOM5.

    Target region bisulfite sequencing allows researchers to:

    • - Reduce sequencing costs compared to whole genome bisulfite sequencing
    • - Increase sequence coverage of CpG islands
    • - Profile DNA methylations in specific regions of interest in the human genome for studies on development, cell differentiation, cell cycle, DNA repair, genomic imprinting
  • Sequencing Service Specification

    Services are performed using the HiSeq 4000 platform.

    Data Analysis

    BGI offers extensive analysis options providing unmatched flexibility in delivering reliable data for achieving various research aims ranging from cancer research to understanding basic cellular processes.

    Sample Requirements
    Sample Requirements
    • ChIP-ed DNA
    • m≥20 ng
    • Main Peak in 100 bp-500 bp
    • Concentration: ≥50ng/μl
    • DNA amount: single library preparation require at least 3μg. For FFPE or other degraded
    • DNA samples, 5 μg is recommended.