Gene Expression Sequencing at Array Prices!

NGS based Gene Expression analysis has been well documented in the literature and offers distinct benefits over traditional microarray data.

BGISEQ-500 Gene Expression service now offers these benefits at the same price levels as microarray data: a great value!

BGI now offers RNA-Seq(Quantification) Gene Expression Sequencing services based on its own BGISEQ-500 sequencing system, based on cPAS and DNA NanoBall (DNB) technology developed by our Complete Genomics subsidiary in Silicon Valley, CA.

BGISEQ-500 Gene Expression Sequencing data correlates very well with TaqMan qPCR data and offers nearly unlimited bioinformatics analysis options.


BGISEQ data plot: gene expressionBGISEQ data plot: gene expression









BGISEQ-500 Gene Expression Sequencing includes:
  • 50bp Single-end sequencing reads
  • Standard output 20 Million reads per sample
  • Clean filtered sequencing data delivered in standard FASTQ file format
  • Customized Gene Expression bioinformatics analysis
  • Cloud-based data storage and delivery system

Learn More about Gene expression Sequencing performance and how BGI can put your research in overdrive.

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