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Plant and Animal

treeNext-generation sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized plant and animal research, allowing us to decode the whole genomes of many species. NGS also enables us to detect functional genes and markers of important traits to facilitate molecular breeding and improve agriculture production and conservation. BGI has been a pioneer in this field and is highly experienced in applying NGS to the study of plant and animal genomes, with state-of-the-art technologies and computing power, rapid turn-around time, as well as strong bioinformatics know-how. To date, BGI Tech has sequenced 656 plant and animal reference genomes, including 421 animal genomes and 235 plant genomes. BGI offers NGS services that enable you to:

      • Study evolution and diversity using whole genome sequencing and transcriptome sequencing
      • Accelerate molecular breeding with genotyping by sequencing and QTL mapping

Figure 1. Applications of genome sequencing for plants and animals.

Evolution and Diversity:

De novo sequencing allows you to study genomes within the same species (Species Pan-genome) or decode genomes in the same family or genus (Clade Genomes). Population evolution based on whole-genome re-sequencing can be used for phylogenetic, linkage disequilibrium, genetic structure analyses, as well as population genetic structure and species formation, to explore mechanisms of biological evolution. Discovering the secrets of biological evolution will clarify the origin of species and the diversity of life on earth.


Figure 2. Evolution research based on de novo sequencing.

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