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International Sc2.0 Project On Track to Build World’s First Synthetic Yeast Genome

March 9th, 2017 – Shenzhen. A team from the international Synthetic Yeast Genome Project (Sc2.0 project) have announced the completion of the de novo redesign and synthesis of five more chromosomes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae; chromosomes II, V, VI, X and XII. The researchers also performed an in-depth, multi-dimensional analysis on the yeast strain, and confirmed that the phenotype of the synthetic yeast strain is consistent to that of the wild-type.

BGI will be at BioGenomics 2017

From February 21-23, you will be able to find us at The BioGenomics 2017 conference to be held in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. BGI is a proud sponsor and co-organizer. Please come by to say hi and discuss your NGS project needs. We are looking forward to seeing you.

BGI Opens Seattle Office for North America Expansion

BGI, a leading global genomics organization headquartered in Shenzhen, announced it is expanding its international operations with the formation of a new division, BGI Groups USA, to be based in Seattle. BGI is engaged in scientific research, genomic sequencing, precision medicine, agriculture, bioinformatics and related technologies with a vision to use genomics to benefit humanity.

Join BGI at the Plant and Animal Genomics Conference XXV, San Diego,

BGI will once again be attending the Plant and Animal Genomics Conference, taking place in San Diego, January 14th-18th.
We’ll be at booth 107. The conference offers a great opportunity to come see how our preferred sequencing services can put your plant and animal discovery in overdrive! We will host an inspiring educational workshop where prominent colleagues will share their work. Stay tuned for details!

BGI and Precision Medicine in Mountain View

BGI will join world leaders and host a session at the upcoming Precision Medicine World Conference, this coming January in Mountain View, California. BGI executives will explore the possibilities of the information from a low-cost genome for patients and society.

Back-to-School Exome Promotion

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BGI and British Columbia Organizations to Collaborate on Precision Medicine

BGI and five British Columbia-based biomedical and healthcare organizations have allied on personalized medicine. The Canadian partners include Providence Health Care, St. Paul’s Foundation, the Vancouver Prostate Centre, Genome BC, and Deloitte. Together, the organizations will create “health centers of excellence” in Shenzen, China, where BGI is based, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

China National Genebank Officially Opens

Official opening of the China National GeneBank (CNGB) marks a new phase in Chinese-International genomics collaboration, providing scientists from across the world with access to one of the world’s most comprehensive and sophisticated biorepositories, with the goal of enabling breakthroughs in human health research and contributing to global biodiversity conservation efforts.

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