BGI and Precision Medicine in Mountain View

BGI will join world leaders and host a session at the upcoming Precision Medicine World Conference, this coming January in Mountain View, California. BGI executives will explore the possibilities of the information from a low-cost genome for patients and society.


BGI PMWC Wang Jian

Jian Wang
M.D., President and Co-Founder, BGI

Healthcare in the Era of the Digitized Life
Genetic testing at extremely low costs, combined with imaging and other technologies, is digitizing human life, enabling more comprehensive diagnosis of disease risks and status. A new paradigm of healthcare is emerging with unprecedented power to allow human beings to live healthier and longer lives.



Yiwu He
Ph.D., MBA, Senior Vice President, Global Head of R&D, BGI

Implications of $100 Whole Genome Sequencing
We explore the healthcare impact of a $100 genome. Whole Genome Sequencing at consumer pricing will give healthcare providers a wealth of information on genetic links, risk factors of diseases, drug targets and drug reactions. The availability of precision medicine will benefit patients and society while lowering cost.



BGI Rade Drmanac PMWC

Rade Drmanac
Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Complete Genomics, Inc. (a BGI company)

Efficient WGS as Foundation for Precision Medicine
A complete, accurate and phased WGS is critical to precision medicine. We describe an efficient massively parallel sequencing method using PCR-free process on patterned DNA-nanoball arrays, generating >1Tb (10 genomes) per microscope slide. When combined with co-barcoded reads, this platform generates the phased $100-WGS with quality needed for precision medicine.

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