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BGI offers a variety of partnership options for both private business and public institutions.

Genetic Testing Services

Our genetic tests are already offered by more than 2000 partners in 52 countries worldwide. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a provider or distributor, please contact us for more information about the opportunities available in your local market.

Technology Transfer Solutions

BGI can provide technology, software and training solutions for either existing genetics laboratories or healthcare business looking to diversify their clinical services in the field of personalized medicine.
Contact us to find out more about what solutions are available for your business.

Research Collaborations

BGI itself was established as a result of its contribution to the original Human Genome Project, a collaborative endeavor involving many partners across the globe. We have gone on to work with hundreds of institutions, public and private, both big and small, helping them realize cutting edge genomics research.
With a global, multicultural team, boasting a broad range of research experience, no matter what size your project, we are able to help.

Contact USA

Don’t hesitate to contact us to request a quote or to talk more about your requirements and how we can support your needs.

(+45) 80 300 800 (Europe)
(+1) 617 500 2741 (Americas)
(+852) 36103510 (Asia Pacific)
(+86) 755 25273698 (China)

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