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Plant & Animal Genome Re-sequencing


An Accessible, Cost Effective Sequencing Solution to Enable Rapid Discovery with Industry Leading Turnaround Times.

Service Description

Plant and Animal Genome Re-Sequencing involves sequencing the entire genome of a plant or animal, and comparing the sequence to that of a known reference genome. Re-sequencing of the plant and animal genome will identify genetic variations such as SNPs and Indels, and discover other genetic changes of the sequenced species. It has been applied for the identification of functional genes and markers of important traits to facilitate molecular breeding and to improve agricultural production and conservation.

Sequencing Service Specification

BGI Plant and Animal Whole Genome Re-Sequencing services are executed with the Illumina HiSeq 4000 and X-ten platforms.

Sample Preparation and Services

  • 150bp Paired-end sequencing options available
  • Raw data and bioinformatics analysis are available in standard file formats
  • Advanced and custom bioinformatics data analysis
  • Cloud-based data storage and delivery system

Sequencing Quality Standard

  • Guaranteed ≥75% of bases with quality score of ≥Q30
  • Standard sequencing coverage ≥30X

Turn Around Time

  • Typical 30 working days from sample QC acceptance to filtered raw data availability
  • Expedited services are available, contact your local BGI specialist for details

Sample Requirements
BGI Plant and Animal Whole Genome Re-sequencing sample requirements

Project Workflow and Data Analysis

Project Workflow

We care for your samples from the start through to the result reporting. Highly experienced laboratory professionals follow strict quality procedures to ensure the integrity of your results.
BGI plant and animal whole genome re-sequencing project workflow__

Data Analysis

Besides clean data output, BGI offers a range of standard and customized bioinformatics pipelines for your plant and animal whole genome re-sequencing project.

Reports and output data files are delivered in industry standard file formats: FASTQ, BAM, VCF, .xls, .png.
BGI plant and animal whole genome re-sequencing project workflow

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