Long Non-coding RNA Sequencing

Long Non-coding RNA Sequencing

Service Description

Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are a large class of transcribed RNA molecules with a length of more than 200 nucleotides that do not encode proteins. lncRNAs are thought to encompass nearly 30,000 different transcripts in humans, hence lncRNA transcripts account for the major part of the non-coding transcriptome.

lncRNA discovery is still at a an early stage and only a small proportion of lncRNAs have so far been investigated. Although we can start to classify different types of lncRNA functions, we are still far from being able to predict the function of new lncRNAs.

Sequencing Service Description

BGI offers expression profiling as one way to uncover the function of lncRNA. Identifying lncRNAs that are differentially expressed during development or in particular situations can shed light on their potential functions. Alternatively, looking for lncRNAs and protein-coding genes whose expression is correlated, can indicate co-regulation or related functions.

Project Workflow

We care for your samples from the start through to the result reporting. Highly experienced laboratory professionals follow strict quality procedures to ensure the integrity of your results.

  • Sample QC
  • Library QC
  • Sequencing QC
  • Data QC
  • Sample Preparation
  • Library Preparation
  • Sequencing
  • Raw Data output
  • Bioinformatics Analysis

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Sequencing Service Specification

BGI Long non-coding RNA Sequencing services are executed with the Illu HiSeq 4000 sequencer sequencing system.

  • Sample Preparation and Services

    Sample Preparation and Services

    • paired-end 100 bp
    • 250~300 bp insert strand specific library with rRNA removal (Ribo-ZeroTM Magnetic Kit)
    • Raw data, standard and customized data analysis
    • Cloud-based data storage and delivery system
  • Turn Around Time

    Turn Around Time

    • Typical 40 working days from sample QC acceptance to filtered raw data availability
    • Expedited services are available, contact your local BGI specialist for details

Sample Requirements

We can process your total RNA, blood, cell line, FFPE, fresh frozen tissues samples from a variety of species, with the following general requirements.

Purity: OD260/280 ≥ 2.0, OD260/230 ≥ 2.0, without degradation and DNA contamination

RNA Amount and Concentration

RIN Value

Total RNA

m ≥ 0.2μg
C ≥ 20 ng /μl

≥ 7.0

Data Analysis

In addition to raw data output, BGI offers a range of standard and customized bioinformatics pipelines for your whole genome sequencing project.

Standard Analysis

  • Filtering

  • Alignment

  • Sequencing assessment (alignment statistics)

  • LncRNA identification and function prediction

  • LncRNA family prediction and classification

Customized analysis

Further customization of Bioinformatics analysis to suit your unique project is available: Please contact your BGI technical representative

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