BGI’s Nucleic Acid Detection Kit for Bloodstream Infection Pathogens Obtains CE Mark

The Nucleic Acid Detection kit for Bloodstream Infection Pathogens with Combinatorial Probe-Anchor Synthesis Technology developed by BGI Patho-Genesis Pharmaceutical Technology Co. LTD, a holding subsidiary of BGI Genomics, has recently got CE Mark.

The kit was developed on basis of metagenomic sequencing for detecting nucleic acid of agnostic pathogens in plasma using combinatorial Probe-Anchor Synthesis technology, intending to identify the causative pathogens of bloodstream infection aiding clinical diagnosis and differential diagnosis in combination with clinical manifestation, examination and other laboratory findings.

The kit is to construct the total Nucleic Acid library directly from clinical samples for high-throughput sequencing. The sequenced data can be analyzed using the bioinformatic software dedicated for bloodstream infection and comparing with the curated microbial genome reference database, enabling to unbiased detection of pathogens including bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Because of its fast speed and high accuracy with wide coverage of microbial spectrum in a single test, it has been used widely in clinical practices for identifying the causative pathogens of bloodstream infection.

Bloodstream infection is a serious systemic infectious disease. Pathogens invade the blood circulatory system and release toxins and metabolites, causing systemic infection, poisoning and inflammatory responses frequently in form of bacteremia, septicemia, sepsis, catheter-related bloodstream infection, and bacterial endocarditis with high fatality rate. Rapid and timely diagnosis is very important for life-saving treatment. BGI new CE marked detection kit detects plasma samples from patients based on metagenomic sequencing without the need for prior culture of microorganism.


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