A World-Class Exome Solution from BGI and Congenica

Do you need a clinical research whole exome service for complex patient cases, with world-class clinical interpretation that is trusted by Genomics England?

BGI is proud to have partnered with Congenica, an industy leader in clinical variant interpretation software trusted by Genomics England, to offer the BGI-Xome service.

- In-depth clinical research report reviewed by UK clinical scientists
- World class sequencing quality with experience of over 10,000 clinical exomes
- Rapid TATs and cost efficient pricing

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What is Whole Exome Sequencing?

The human exome is the complete collection of regions of the genome that encode protein. These regions of the genome are the best understood and therefore the most biomedically interpretable. About 85% of disease-causing mutations detected to date are located in the exonic regions of genes.

A whole exome sequencing test therefore involves sequencing the patient’s exome in a single test with the aim of arriving at a diagnosis, rather than choosing individual genes to sequence.

The BGI-Xome sequencing service, offers a fast and cost-effective one-stop solution which involves sequencing the entire coding region or exons, examining thousands of genes simultaneously.

BGI-Xome is ideal for for complex cases where a patient may have been on a ‘diagnostic odyssey’.

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