Service Description

We have developed innovative solutions for optimizing the process of comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of all endogenous peptides in complex biological matrices and other complex mixtures.



Peptidomics is an emerging field filling the research gap between proteomics and metabolomics and can be defined as the comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of all endogenous peptides from biological samples at a specific time and location.

BGI has extensive experience in the field of peptidomics spanning disease biomarker study, off target effects of drugs, food processing and fermentation research, the molecular mechanisms of animals and plants, and cell antigen epitopes prediction1,2.

Project Workflow

Biological samples

Enrichment of endogenous polypeptides

LC-MS/MS analysis

Data analysis


[1] Chen X Y, et al., High-Throughput Identification of Putative Antimicrobial Peptides from Multi-Omics Data of the Lined Seahorse (Hippocampus erectus). Mar. Drugs, 2020, 18(1), 30. doi: 10.3390/md18010030.

[2] Yi Y H, et al., High Throughput Identification of Antihypertensive Peptides from Fish Proteome Datasets. Mar Drugs, 2018 Oct 2;16(10):365. doi: 10.3390/md16100365.

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Mass Spectrometry Service Specification

Peptidomics services are performed using nano-flow liquid chromatography and cutting-edge mass spectrometer (Q Exactive HF and Orbitrap Fusion Lumos).

  • Sample Preparation and Services

    Sample Preparation and Services

    • Enrichment of endogenous polypeptides
    • 1h for LC-MS/MS analysis
  • Quality Standard

    Quality Standard

    • Summary includes all methods and data analysis
    • Reports provided in Excel or PDF format, RAW files available upon request
  • Turn Around Time

    Turn Around Time

    • Typical 4-5 weeks from sample QC acceptance to data report delivery

Sample Requirements

We accept samples in a variety of formats.

Sample type



Body fluids-Serum/Plasma

200 µL

100 µL/one experiment

Body fluids-Saliva

5 mL

2 mL/one experiment

Body fluids-Urine

50 mL

20 mL/one experiment

Enriched polypeptides

2 µg

For complex polypeptide samples, the sample amount of molecular weight less than 10kDa is > 2 μg (refer to A280 detection value), and the purity is > 90%. And it does not contain special and hard-to-remove substances, such as SDS, Triton x, chaps, etc

Data Analysis

  • Data analysis and validation performed with Mascot

  • Identification of peptides and proteins

  • Peptide quantification

  • Protein GO/COG/Pathway annotation

  • Identified peptide matching analysis of specific protein

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