Genomics Solutions for COVID-19 Research

Genomics Solutions for COVID-19 Research

BGI has been involved in COVID-19 response efforts from the beginning of the outbreak. Please review some sample research questions and our solutions below. Contact us today with any questions or for a no obligation quote.

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Whatever Your COVID-19 Research Question, We're Confident We Have A Sequencing Solution To Fit

We are supporting a wide range of researchers and institutions address key COVID-19 research questions, including:

  - What are the factors determining the severity of COVID-19 symptoms? 
  - How does omics data vary during COVID-19 progression?
  - What are the factors influencing the curative effect after drug treatment?
  - What are valid compounds and their working mechanisms for the treatment of COVID-19?
  - Evaluation of vaccine efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  - What was the origin of SARS-CoV-2 and were there other intermediate hosts?

View some of our applicable COVID-19 sequencing solutions to the right, or contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Human Whole Genome Sequencing

RNA Sequencing

Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Metagenomic Sequencing

Proteomics Solutions

Immune Repertoire Sequencing

COVID-19 Sequencing Solutions-BGI Service Overview

Technical Strategies

Common Technical Strategies:

Immune repertoire/nanoproteomics

Omics data monitoring

Virus titer evaluation in the blood/feces

Gut microbe-drug interaction

Cell-line based drug screening

Animal model based drug screening


Common Sequencing Applications for COVID-19 Research:

Whole Genome Sequencing

RNA Sequencing

SIngle Cell Sequencing

Metagenomics Sequencing 

Plus, Proteomics/Metabolomics Analyis

Analysis Approaches

Common Analysis Approaches:

Genetic susceptibility analysis

Gut microbiome analysis

Longitudinal study

Host genomics affecting drug metabolism

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What Will You Learn from This Webinar?
– what we know of the genetic diversity of the virus from evolutionary analysis
– current SARS-CoV-2 databases and resources
– common challenges in infectious disease genomics research
– practical guidance regarding coverage and sampling protocols for relevant sequencing solutions
– how sequencing can be applied for vaccine development, drug R&D and clinical research

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