Total Lab Solution For COVID-19 Testing

• Battle-tested RT-PCR kit with worldwide regulatory approval


• Expanded EUA label with broader clinical adaptability


• Automated extraction workflow enabling high throughput lab testing


• 2M test/day manufacturing capacity meeting global demand


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Pricing starting from $400/sample

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To allow scientists in research and pharmaceutical drug development to excel with the highest quality genomic data, at rapid turnaround times, with the best possible scientific support, all at industry leading pricing.

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DNBSEQ™ RNA Transcriptome Sequencing

Industry Leading Pricing

$149 for 20M Reads

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DNBSEQ™ Single Cell RNA Sequencing

With 10X Genomics Libraries

More Insight. Less Cost

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Mass Spectrometry Services

from our Mass Spec Centre

in San Jose, California

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Learn About our DNBSEQ™ Technology

The vast majority of our customers have now adopted our proven DNBSEQ™ sequencing technology, which combines the power of DNA Nanoballs (DNB™), PCR-free Rolling Circle Replication, Patterned Nano Arrays and cPAS to deliver a new level of data clarity and affordability.

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