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BGI is the world’s largest genomics organization.

BGI Genomics, BGI’s commercial subsidiary, provides a wide range of genomic research
services, genetic tests and IVD products across more than 100 countries. BGI, which was
founded in 1999 as a research organization to support the Human Genome Project, focuses on
research, diagnostics and applications in the health care, pharmaceutical, and environmental
fields. BGI has a proven track record of innovative, high-profile research that has generated
over 1,600 publications in peer review journals.



BGI Genomics is a global leader in diagnostic testing.

With a focus on reproductive health, cancer and infectious disease diagnostics, BGI Genomics
was among the first to receive the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization for its COVID-19 test
and currently administers tens of millions of diagnostics tests daily. With U.S. operations in
Cambridge, Massachusetts and San Jose, California, BGI Genomics seeks partnerships both
with diagnostics companies seeking global distribution and with diagnostic sales networks
that excel in the commercialization of PCR and POC diagnostics products.



BGI is committed to complying with all applicable laws, rules and regulations
governing our business and strictly adhering to all internal and Federal
government policies and procedures, including FDA, OSHA, CMS and others.
In order to ensure our compliance, BGI has developed a compliance program
which creates a BGI culture to uphold both integrity and accountability on every
level of the organization.


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