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Yes! BGI has many years of experience providing advanced data analysis solutions to partners. BGI provides raw data as FASTQ files for all projects and has a range of advanced bioinformatics capabilities to provide customised data analysis services to partners.

Information from BGI’s service group does not cross business lines. The staff are separate and BGI’s research scientists do not have access to data from the fee-for-service branch.

BGI has global office locations and staff based across the world, all of whom speak English. Please contact us via our online contact form and tell us about your project. We’re here to help!

BGI has many years experience shipping samples across the world to our laboratories in China and elsewhere. Please create a myBGI account for access to our sample shipping guidelines and for more information. Alternatively, please contact us via the contact form on this website and tell us about your project.


BGI is a privately held commercial genomics company.

Please note, you must have a myBGI account or be in communication with your project manager before sending us samples.

Sample Shipping address for the BGI@CHOP laboratory is:

Consignee’s Name BGI@CHOP Genome Center

Attn:Joe Chan

Consignee’s Address Colket Translational Research Building Rm A450 3501 Civic Center Blvd

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Contact No. 267-425-0125
Email Bgichop.sample@bgiamericas.com
Remarks After the samples have been picked up, please send the name of courier, tracking no. to Joe Chan via Bgichop.sample@bgiamericas.com.

Sample Shipping address for BGI’s Copenhagen laboratory is:

Consignee’s Name BGI-Europe A/S
Attn: Mr.Kevin.Sun
Consignee’s Address COBIS Ole Maaløes Vej 3 | DK-2200 Copenhagen N | Denmark
Contact No. 0045 8173 6658
Email hushufan@genomics.cn ; europe-lab@genomics.cn
Postal/Zip Code Please note that Denmark has no postal/ zip code
Remarks After the samples have been picked up, please send the name of courier, tracking no.
to Shufan HU via europe-lab@genomics.cn.

Shipping address for BGI’s Hong Kong Laboratory is:

Consignee’s name BGI Tech Solutions (Hong Kong) Co., Limited

Sample Management Center


Consignee’s Address 1/F, 16th Dai Fu Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, Tai Po, Hong Kong
Contact No. 852-3952 2150/852-9683 9836
Email bgihk.sample@genomics.cn
Remarks Please note that Hong Kong has no postal/ zip code. To avoid delays/

loss of samples due to incorrect routing, do not include “China” or “CN” in consignee’s address. If “Country” is required, use “Hong Kong”.



Shipping samples to addresses other than those provided may cause loss of shipment or a delay in delivery.

Please send the name of the courier, the tracking number and the Sample Information Sheet to the laboratory contact email address and/or your project manager as soon as the samples are shipped. BGI will help to track the shipping status of your samples, and will facilitate the import process.

Sending samples to our laboratories may require an official and signed declaration letter. In the letter, please give a general description of the samples (i.e., source/ usage/ quantity) and clarify that the samples are neither hazardous, infectious, HIV positive, dangerous, toxic or radioactive. An example declaration letter is provided in your customer account.





Raw hit count is acquired by counting the number of reads non-ambiguously aligned to a particular genomic feature, typically a gene or transcript.

The number of reads required depends upon the genome size, the number of known genes, and transcripts. BGI recommends 10 million reads for small genomes (i.e. bacteria) and 30 million reads for large genomes (i.e. human, mouse). A larger number of reads will generate more sequencing data, which increases the chances of detecting genes that are expressed at lower levels. Please note: A sufficient amount of sequencing data is necessary to ensure the quality of downstream data analysis results; an insufficient number of reads may lead to generating results that cannot be analyzed. For more specific information, please contact your project manager or sales representative.

BGI has a team of dedicated technical experts available to assist with experimental design and to answer any questions.

RNA Seq quantification can be defined as a ‘light’ version of RNA Seq Transcriptome. For RNA Seq quantification, BGI uses SE50 sequencing strategy to quantify the expressed genes. For RNA Seq Transcriptome, we use PE100/PE150 sequencing strategy, which not only quantifies the expressed genes but also analyses the transcript structures such as: InDel, RNA splicing, fusion genes etc. If a customer only wishes to focus on gene expression analysis, RNA Seq Quantification is recommend. If a customer wants a structural analysis of the transcripts, RNA Seq Transcriptome is recommend.

Genomes that have not been sequenced before must be assembled de novo following sequencing.

Exome sequencing is the targeted enrichment and subsequent sequencing of the whole exome. Exome sequencing is potentially the most powerful tool available to the research community for the identification of genetic variations associated with a phenotype, such as a disease.

16S metagenomics is a technique that uses next generation amplicon sequencing to target specific hypervariable regions of the 16S rRNA gene.

Targeted resequencing is an application of next generation sequencing where you enrich regions of the genome that you are interested in sequencing.

Cancer panels are pre-designed gene panels that use next generation sequencing to selectively sequence genes specific to cancer.

For gene lists of BGI’s cancer panels please contact your Project Manager or email info@bgi-international.com