BGI Genomics’ CEO Yin Ye presents ambitious plans at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco

BGI Genomics’ CEO Yin Ye presents ambitious plans at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco

BGI Genomics, the industry’s lowest-cost provider of WGS, launches two new ambitious plans at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2018

Jan 11, 2018 | BGI Genomics

Today at the 36th J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, Ye Yin, CEO of BGI Genomics, announced that BGI Genomics has successfully sequenced the genome of over 10,000 human samples since it launched the industry’s lowest priced Whole Genome Sequencing service at US$600, using the BGISEQ-500, BGI’s own sequencing platform.

Ye Yin went on to present two exiting new BGI initiatives: The 2020 Program and the Life Periodic Plan, both of which received strong interest from his audience.

Over 10,000 human WGS samples have been sequenced with the BGISEQ-500 for just US$600 each, the industry’s lowest price.

BGI Genomics launched 100G high-quality WGS for the price of US$600 in 2016, still the lowest priced WGS available in the industry. A further 20,000 samples are currently being processed.

Beginning in 1990, the first draft of the human genome took 13 years to complete, involved scientists from 6 countries at a cost of US$3.8 billion. With the rapid development of technology, the cost of sequencing has been driven down consistently.

In 2016, BGI launched the BGISEQ-500 NGS platform, developed by it’s Complete Genomics Subsidiary in Silicon Valley, California. This technology enabled the $600 WGS product that is currently on the market. The BGISEQ-500 delivers high quality and high-throughput sequencing at a low cost, has accelerated the development of genomics, and has set the next benchmark for affordable genomics.

BGI Genomic’s launches two ambitious projects: 2020 Program and Life Periodic Plan

At the conference, Ye Yin announced BGI Genomic’s 2020 Program. The ambitious program aims to perform human whole-genome sample sequencing, including sample preparation and data analysis, within 24-hours and below US$300. Ye Yin believes that this will be possible by 2020.

To achieve this, BGI Genomics is collaborating with Intel and Alibaba Cloud to create the most radical innovation in genomics technology with advanced sequencing and computing equipment. BGI Online, BGI’s bioinformatics cloud computing platform also plays an important role in the project.

Just last week, BGI Genomics and Edico Genome completed a 100-person WGS project in just 120 minutes using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, representing a significant step towards BGI Genomic’s goals.

“Life Periodic Plan will be as significant as the periodic table” according to Ye Yin, CEO of BGI Genomics

Ye Yin also launched BGI Genomic’s Life Periodic Plan at the conference. Its objective is to data mine species through sequencing. This will facilitate the ambitious goal of digitizing all animals and plants on earth, and eventually elucidating the laws of life hidden within the data. The implementation of the Life Periodic Plan could help to protect endangered animals and plants, maintain ecological balance and the diversity of life on earth.

Of the plant and animal species sequenced so far, 70% have been sequenced by BGI Genomics and its collaborators.

The first phase of the Life Periodic Plan is targeted at the existing 27 orders and 157 families of Mammalia. To implement the first phase, BGI Genomics has asked for volunteers from within BGI Genomics and its collaborators to choose individual families to sequence. So far, more than 127 families have been claimed by group leaders. The project will be financed through crowdfunding. Group leaders will direct the genomics analysis, interpretation and knowledge dissemination of the species, to protect their species.

The plant section of the Life Periodic Plan will be launched shortly.

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