BGI Receives CLIA Certificate of Registration

BGI Receives CLIA Certificate of Registration

September 7th, 2017, Hong Kong, China – Global genomics company, BGI, today announced that it has obtained Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certificate of registration for its Hong Kong based laboratory.

BGI said that the CLIA-certificate of registration is an important step in expanding its offerings to include clinical sequencing services for analysis of specific diseases including cancer and mendelian diseases. In addition, it will provide a stronger footing for genomics-based clinical trial testing as part of BGI’s CRO pharma solutions that support drug discovery and development for its global biopharmaceutical clients.

‘BGI’s objective is to offer the broadest array of high quality clinical diagnostics as well as solutions for more efficient research and drug discovery’ Liu Na, Vice President of BGI Genomics, said in a statement.

BGI’s existing services portfolio includes a wide variety of sequencing and analytical and bioinformatics services for DNA and RNA as well as a broad genetic screening portfolio covering reproductive health and oncology. BGI’s Hong Kong laboratory was established in 2010. It received accreditation by College of American Pathology (CAP) in 2013, and currently serves as BGI’s largest sequencing and logistics center for its international customers.

‘We are excited about the addition of the CLIA-certificate of registration at our Hong Kong laboratory’ added Li Ning, Chief Development Officer of BGI Genomics. ‘As well as demonstrating that we are committed to the highest operational and quality standards, this certification is also an important milestone in realizing our vision to offer precision medicine to the global market to benefit all patients, wherever they are.’

About BGI

BGI Group was established in 1999 with participation in the original Human Genome Project. Since then, BGI Group has grown in to one of the world’s largest genomics organizations, experienced in genomic research, commercial NGS services and sequencer manufacturing. BGI Group is committed to providing solutions to address the research, pharmaceutical, and clinical markets and is dedicated to improving human health and empowering large-scale human, plant and animal genomics research.

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