BGI & Sanguine Join Forces to Increase Speed and Efficiency of Precision Clinical Trial Recruitment

BGI & Sanguine Join Forces to Increase Speed and Efficiency of Precision Clinical Trial Recruitment

BGI & Sanguine Join Forces to Increase Speed and Efficiency of Precision Clinical Trial Recruitment

SHENZHEN, China, CAMBRIDGE, Mass. and SHERMAN OAKS, Calif., Dec. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — BGI Genomics, a global leader in Next Generation Sequencing Services, and Sanguine BioSciences, Inc., a builder of data-integrated patient communities, have joined forces to develop a database of combined genomic and clinical data to increase the speed and efficiency of Precision Clinical Trial Recruitment. For their first project, Sanguine and BGI will collaborate to enable trial developers to access searchable Whole Genome and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data of 1,000+ patients diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). The combined offering will allow drug developers to significantly increase the homogeneity of their trial cohorts, reducing risk and cost and increasing the likelihood of success.

Timothy J. Triche MD, PhD, Chairman of Sanguine’s Board of Directors, said in a statement: “Selecting the right patient cohort(s), and then recruiting swiftly are the ingredients of a successful clinical trial. The healthcare community has seen time and time again that selecting the wrong patient cohort(s) is a death sentence for the trial. Today, there is no other company that enables specific individual requests based on both Whole Genome & EMR data, and then works directly with those identified patients to enroll them into the trial. Together, Sanguine and BGI are making this a reality today, initially in Rheumatoid Arthritis.”

“BGI has been a credible partner to the biopharma industry, providing quality NGS services and a diverse menu of biomarker assays,” said Charles Bao, Ph.D., General Manager of BGI Americas, a subsidiary of BGI Genomics. “The partnership with Sanguine will allow precise and efficient clinical trial enrollment, and will enhance BGI’s overall solution to its biopharma partners. Whole genome sequencing provides the most comprehensive and unbiased genomic profiling that will maximize the value of Sanguine’s patient database. The sequencing will be performed on our own BGISEQ NGS platform, marking the first time this high quality, low cost solution is used in a large-scale profiling project in the biopharma space.”

About Sanguine

Sanguine is accelerating Precision Medicine by partnering with data-integrated patient communities. The Company has developed a disruptive, scalable Direct-to-Patient data collection and commercialization platform currently used by 20 out of the top 40 pharmaceutical companies and currently >15,000 patients.

About BGI Genomics

BGI Genomics is the division of BGI Group that provides a diverse menu of next generation sequencing and clinical testing services to support academic research, drug development and diagnostics. The company operates service laboratories under global quality standards in the US, Denmark, Hong Kong and mainland China. BGI Genomics leverages its sophisticated genomic research experience and massive sequencing capacity to assist customers with fast turnaround, delivering high quality data at affordable prices.


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