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    BGI Americas Partners with Science Exchange to Offer 5% Discount of its Next Generation Sequencing Services

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Mar. 2, 2022 – BGI Americas Corporation, US subsidiary of BGI Genomics Co. Ltd. (300676.SZ), one of the world’s leading multi-omics companies, today announced an agreement with Science Exchange, a marketplace that helps scientists accelerate their research by providing an all-in-one digital platform to source, order, manage, and pay for R&D services.

    BGI will now offer a 5% discount when contracting any of its Next Generation Sequencing Services, such as whole genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, exome sequencing, and other sequencing services, through the Science Exchange Marketplace.

    The partnership will allow users to take advantage of the discounts by simply requesting a quote from BGI through Science Exchange, and the 5% discount will automatically be added to the quote.  Science Exchange customers can access the BGI storefront here.

    About BGI Americas Corporation

    BGI Americas Corporation is one of the leading providers of genomics and proteomics services in the Americas Region as part of BGI Genomics, a public company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Established in 2010, BGI Americas has grown to include a presence in Boston and San Jose, serving a wide range of customers in genetics research, drug R&D and diagnostics. BGI brings over 20 years of genomics experience to its customers and collaborators based on a broad array of leading technologies, including proprietary DNBSEQ™ genetic sequencing platforms, economies of scale, and expert bioinformatics resources. BGI is committed to advancing genetic research, technologies, and applications to benefit humankind.

    About Science Exchange

    The Science Exchange SaaS-enabled marketplace helps scientists accelerate their research by providing an all-in-one digital platform to source, order, manage, and pay for R&D services. Scientists get instant access to our network of 3,500+ CROs, CMOs, and academic labs that are already contracted and qualified so projects can start without the delays caused by contract negotiations and provider onboarding. We automate repetitive administrative tasks, purchasing workflows, and payment processing. Our analytics are top-notch so you can dissect your outsourcing spend and view trends critical to your business. Our solutions are trusted by the world’s top life sciences organizations, saving thousands of hours and millions of dollars in costs while helping to advance drug discoveries. For more information, please visit http://scienceexchange.com

    Media Contact:

    Anthony Tong, Ph.D.
    Director of Marketing
    BGI Americas Corporation
    Chris Zan
    Head of Supplier Business Development
    Science Exchange

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