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    Webinar: Utilizing a Multiomics Approach for New Insight into Ancestry Effects on Genetic Immune Responses


    Presenter: Dr. Luis Barreiro, principal investigator of the Barreiro lab at the University of Chicago

    Dr. Luis Barreiro will present a summary of the paper, “Genetic ancestry effects on the response to viral infection are pervasive but cell type specific”, published in Science. Dr. Barreiro will discuss how he used a combination of sequencing services provided by BGI Genomics to uncover the molecular mechanisms that underpin differences in immune responses.

    Presenter: Dr. Joseph Pickrell, CEO of Gencove

    Dr. Joseph Pickrell will then drill down into how Gencove and BGI’s combined low-pass whole-genome sequencing (lpWGS) and imputation service, which was used in the study, reduces population biases and enables powerful downstream analysis.

    What will you learn in this webinar?

    • How a multiomics approach can be used for immunogenomic research
    • How low pass whole genome sequencing can be applied for cost-effective and accurate population-level ancestry research
    • Overcoming lpWGS analysis challenges with Gencove and BGI’s powerful integrated solution

    The talks will take around 25 minutes followed by a live question and answer session. Space is limited so register today to avoid disappointment, it’s free!

    Register for our webinar: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_jfsjWhEjS8ehYRFmwB_deg

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