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Yuxin Sun, BGI’s Data Analysis Project Manager

A Practical Guide to RNA Data Analysis and Visualisation Approaches for Publication Ready Results


What Will You Learn from This Webinar?


BGI’s Data Analysis Project Manager, Yuxin Sun, gives a practical introduction to common RNA data analysis and visualisation approaches using BGI’s Dr. Tom System, with two real world case studies from oncology research papers of which BGI has supported publication.


– the principles of RNA data analysis, frequently used approaches and tools
– an overview of useful RNA databases and resources for data analysis
– how to create common data analysis figures and visualisations for standard analysis using the Dr. Tom System
(specific analysis approaches to RNA based oncology research illustrated using two case studies)
– the advantages of BGI’s Dr. Tom System for medical research

The presentation will take around 30 minutes, followed by a question and answer session. Register now, it’s free, quick and easy.

Once you have registered for the webinar, you will be able to view it on-demand. Don’t have time to watch the webinar but want to learn more about our RNA Data Analysis or Dr.Tom system? Email us:

To read more about BGI’s Dr. Tom System, please visit the webpage.

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