Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing

Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing

Service Description

Methylation of DNA at the fifth position in cytosine (5-mC) is a stable epigenetic modification and plays an important role in many biological processes, including gene silencing, suppression of transposable elements, genomic imprinting and X chromosome inactivation. Detection and quantification of methylation are critical to understand gene expression and other processes subjected to epigenetic regulation.

Whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) is used to detect methylated cytosines by treating the DNA with sodium bisulfite before sequencing. WGBS has become the gold standard for studying genome-wide methylation at single base resolution.

Whole-genome bisulfite sequencing is considered the ultimate method for methylcytosine analysis as the technique allows researchers to:

  • Simultaneously observe the methylation patterns of all CpG, CHG and CHH sites present in the sample of interest
  • Profile DNA methylations in the entire methylome for studies on development, cell differentiation, cell cycle, DNA repair, genomic imprinting
  • Compare differentially methylated loci from different samples, for example, healthy controls versus patients with cancer
  • Derive correlations between cytosine methylation and transcriptional regulation
  • Investigate inherited methylations in nearly any organism


DNBSEQ™ Technology

DNBSEQ™ is an innovative high-throughput sequencing solution, developed by BGI’s Complete Genomics subsidiary in Silicon Valley. The system is powered by combinatorial Probe-Anchor Synthesis (cPAS), linear isothermal Rolling-Circle Replication and DNA Nanoballs (DNBSEQ™) technology, followed by high-resolution digital imaging.
BGISEQ human whole genome sequencing


The combination of linear amplification and DNBSEQ™ technology reduces the error rate while enhancing the signal. The size of the DNB is controlled in such a way that only one DNB is bound per active site on the flow cell. This densely patterned array technology provides optimal sequencing accuracy and increases flow cell utilization.

Project Workflow

We care for your samples from the start through to the result reporting. Highly experienced laboratory professionals follow strict quality procedures to ensure the integrity of your results.

  • Sample QC
  • Library QC
  • Sequencing QC
  • Data QC
  • Sample preparation
  • Library construction
  • Sequencing
  • Raw data output
  • Bioinformatics analysis

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Sequencing Service Specification

Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing services are performed using the DNBseq platform. HiSeq services are available when required.

  • Sample Preparation and Services

    Sample Preparation and Services

    • 100bp paired end sequencing
    • Library preparation, including bisulfite treatment
  • Sequencing Quality Standard

    Sequencing Quality Standard

    • Guaranteed ≥ 85% of clean bases with quality score of Q20
    • Guaranteed ≥ 99% bisulfite conversion rate
  • Turn Around Time

    Turn Around Time

    • Typical 40 working days from sample QC acceptance to filtered raw data availability
    • Expedited services are available, contact your local BGI specialist for details

Sample Requirements

We can process your gDNA samples, whole blood, cell line, fresh frozen tissue and FFPE samples and single-cell applications, with the following general requirements:

Purity: OD260/280 ≥ 1.8 ~ 2.0 without degradation or RNA contamination

DNA Amount and Concentration

Minimum Sample Volume


Intact genomic DNA ≥ 1μg, Concentration ≥ 50 ng/μl



Intact genomic DNA ≥ 100ng,
Concentration ≥ 7 ng/μl


Data Analysis

Standard Analysis

  • Data Filtering

  • Alignment

  • Data Quality Statistics

  • Methyl-cytosine identification

  • Differential Methylated Region (DMR) analysis

  • Statistics of methylation level

Customized analysis

BGI offers extensive analysis options providing unmatched flexibility in delivering reliable data for achieving various research aims ranging from cancer research to understanding basic cellular processes.

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We care for your samples from the start through to the result reporting. Highly experienced laboratory professionals follow strict quality procedures to ensure the integrity of your results.

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