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    RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq) Services

    We have been providing fast, affordable, top quality RNA sequencing services to researchers across the world for over 15 years. Contact us today with any questions for our project experts or learn more about our RNA sequencing services below.

    Our RNA Sequencing Services

    We have been providing commercial RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) services for over 15 years. In this time, we have supported researchers across the world with RNA research projects spanning thousands of species and have sequenced many millions of RNA samples. Our mission is very simple - to deliver quality RNA data that enables cutting edge transcriptomics research at affordable pricing.

    Our range of RNA sequencing services are offered across a variety of the industry's leading sequencing platforms. Our global network and scale of sequencing ensures economies of scale and operational efficiencies that keep our costs low, allowing us to pass on those savings to you, our valued partners.

    So, whether you have single cell samples or low quality FFPE samples, are measuring gene expression for human disease related research or seeking to improve genome annotation with transcriptomic data, - we are confident our experts can help. View our popular servcies on the right, or contact us for a no obligation discusison.

    RNA SEQUENCING Service Overview

    • Committed to Quality

      Our sequencing laboratories operate under the highest technical standards and certifications, including:

      ISO/IEC 27001
      ISO 9001
      ISO 14001
      OHSAS 18001

    • Data Security and Protection

      We place great importance on information protection and information privacy.
      We follow the below principles with respect to personal information:

      Lawfulness, fairness and transparency 
      Purpose limitation 
      Data minimisation 
      Storage limitation 
      Integrity and confidentiality 

    • Our Values

      Our Sequencing Service Values:

      Top quality genomic data delivered securely and quickly.

      Cost efficient sequencing on the latest platforms.

      Professionally certified laboratories and workflows.

      Total commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction.


    DNBSEQ™ Sequencing Technology

    Many of our RNA sequencing services are delivered with DNBSEQ™ sequencing technology platforms, for great sequencing data at some of the lowest costs in the industry. DNBSEQ™ is a proprietary sequencing technology, first developed by MGI's Complete Genomics subsidiary in Silicon Valley and offers advantages in terms of lower amplification error rates and much lower duplication rates. In addition, studies have shown the index hopping rate in DNBSEQ™ platforms to be much lower when compared to that of other platforms.

    Contact us with any general enquiries or questions for our sequencing experts, we are here to help.

    Access Further Sequencing Resources

    We care for your samples from the start through to the result reporting. Highly experienced laboratory professionals follow strict quality procedures to ensure the integrity of your results. Access more sequencing resources below for full access to our range of educational resources and sample guides.

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