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    Iso-Seq / PacBio Transcriptome Sequencing

    “Isoform Sequencing” (Iso-seq) developed by Pacific Biosciences (PacBio), is based on long-read sequencing technology and allows researchers to identify new isoforms with extraordinary precision. Contact us today with any questions or for a no obligation quote.

    Iso-Seq / PacBio Transcriptome Sequencing Introduction

    RNA sequencing has become the most frequently used method for the majority of researchers conducting gene expression profiling. However, it is difficult to obtain a complete picture of the transcriptome because short reads cannot accurately assemble complex transcripts.

    Isoform Sequencing (Iso-seq) developed by Pacific Biosciences (PacBio), is based on long-read sequencing technology. The unique long-read sequencing feature allows this method to identify new isoforms with extraordinary precision. The Iso-Seq application generates full-length cDNA sequences — from the 5’ end of transcripts to the poly-A tail — eliminating the need for transcriptome reconstruction using isoform-inference algorithms. The Iso-Seq method provides accurate information about alternatively spliced exons and transcriptional start sites. It also reveals information about poly-adenylation sites for transcripts across the full complement of isoforms within targeted genes or the entire transcriptome.

    Iso-Seq/PacBio Transcriptome Sequencing Service Overview

    • Sample Requirements

      Mass ≥ 3 µg
      Concentration ≥ 300ng/µL
      RIN ≥8
      28S/18S(23S/16S) ≥1.4

      1µg ≤ m < 3 µg
      RIN ≥8
      28S/18S(23S/16S) ≥1.4

    • Sequencing Standards

      20Gb sequencing data per sample is recommended

    • Key Service Details

      • Typical 40 working days from sample QC acceptance to sequencing data availability
      • Reports and output data files are delivered in industry standard file formats: BAM, .xls, .png and FASTQ data.







    PacBio Sequel II Platform

    BGI's Iso-Seq/PacBio transcriptome sequencing services are executed on PacBio's Sequel II platform. The Sequel II System has been recognized for its ability to generate longer reads with greater accuracy and throughput, at a significantly lower cost.

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