Plant / Animal Spring Promotions

Click here to contact your BGI representative, or write to us via to take advantage of this limited time offer for the highest quality data at the lowest cost from our proven DNBseq™ NGS technology platform.

Limited Time offers*

Plant and Animal Whole Genome Re-sequencing
Plant speciesOther species
$55.00 library construction
$8.00 per Gb of clean data
$60.00 library construction$9.00 per Gb of clean data
Check for larger sample numbers and more clean data amounts

DNBseq™ RNA-seq (Transcriptome) Sequencing
As low as $149 .00 per sample
RNA Library Preparation + 20 Million Reads(PE150)

Plant and Animal de novo Sequencing
Genome surveyCommon genome assemblyComplex genome
marine species with genome size from 100Mb-6Gb
50X short insert PE150 data +
preliminary assembly
70X SMRT data+50X PE150 data+
70X 10X genomics chromium +
assembly and advanced analysis
100X SMRT data + 50X PE150 data +
300G BioNano + assembly
and advanced analysis

**: per Gb of genome size

Promotion is valid for contracts signed between January 1 and April 30, 2019, with samples submitted before July 31, 2019.
This promotion is for customers in the US, Canada and Latin America