2019 Spring Promotions

Click here to contact your BGI representative, or write to us via info@bgi-international.com to take advantage of this limited time offer for the highest quality data at the lowest cost from our proven DNBseq™ NGS technology platform.

Limited Time offers*

Plant and Animal Whole Genome Re-sequencing
Plant speciesOther species
$55.00 library construction
$8.00 per Gb of clean data
$60.00 library construction$9.00 per Gb of clean data
Check for larger sample numbers and more clean data amounts

DNBseq™ RNA-seq (Transcriptome) Sequencing
As low as $149 .00 per sample
RNA Library Preparation + 20 Million Reads(PE150)

Plant and Animal de novo Sequencing
Genome surveyCommon genome assemblyComplex genome
marine species with genome size from 100Mb-6Gb
50X short insert PE150 data +
preliminary assembly
70X SMRT data+50X PE150 data+
70X 10X genomics chromium +
assembly and advanced analysis
100X SMRT data + 50X PE150 data +
300G BioNano + assembly
and advanced analysis

**: per Gb of genome size

Promotion is valid for contracts signed between January 1 and April 30, 2019, with samples submitted before July 31, 2019.
This promotion is for customers in the US, Canada and Latin America