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    Special promotion for DNBSEQ RNA Sequencing

    BGI has provided commercial RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) services for over 20 years and supported researchers worldwide to publish paradigm changing RNA papers in top-tier journals. With services offered on our DNBSEQ sequencing, we deliver quality RNA data that enables cutting-edge transcriptomics research at affordable pricing. 

    Whatever your project, species, or sample type, we are confident our RNA-Seq service will meet both your data quality expectations and your budget. Contact us today for a free quote!

    DNBSEQ Eukaryotic Stranded Transcriptome Sequencing

    · Library + Sequencing from $129
    · Library + Sequencing + Standard Analysis from $169

    DNBSEQ Whole Transcriptome Sequencing(LncRNA-Seq + UMI small RNA-Seq)

    · Library + Sequencing from $399
    · Library + Sequencing + Standard Analysis from $499

    Key Terms and Conditions:

    For sequencing services, sign contract before June 30th, 2022 and submit samples before Dec. 31th, 2022.

    This is a limited and conditional offer subject to the actual execution of contract, and BGI reserves the right to void the promotion and revert to its standard list prices if the Partner does not comply with the conditions listed above.

    Services are for research use only.

    Download the flyer or Contact us for more details!

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