The Radar | Healthcare Exhibition Roundup | January – March 2023 Edition


The new year also brings a brand-new issue of The Radar.

These upcoming months mark important dates for healthcare professionals: January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month and World Cancer Day falls on February 4th, while March is Colorectal Awareness Month. We highlight a wide range of exhibitions taking place on the four continents to feel the pulse of healthcare, genomics and medical innovation


  • Conference: Biotech Showcase
  • Date & Location: Jan 09-11, San Francisco CA / Jan 18-19, Virtual
  • 2023 Edition theme: Oncology: Moving faster and smarter to improve patient outcomes
  • Topics of interest: Examining how the biopharma industry can accelerate drug discovery and manufacturing | Providing updates in hot therapeutic areas such as oncology, CNS, cell and gene therapy, rare disease | Connecting innovation and funding at the intersection of technology and medicine                                              
  • Website: 
  • No. of companies attending: 413 
  • No. of speakers: 110                 

  • Conference: Singapore Live
  • Date & Location: Jan 12-14, Singapore
  • 2023 Edition theme: Live interventions in vascular endotherapy
  • Topics of interest: LIVE case from National Heart Centre Singapore | Mission in treating challenging cases | Bifurcation technique
  •  Website:


  • Conference: Medical Japan
  • Date & Location: Jan 18-20, Osaka
  • 2023 Edition theme: How will digital health change healthcare?
  • Topics of interest: Medical equipment showcase | Next-generation pharmacy | Forefront of metaverse medicine, hologram, robotic surgery | A clinic where the number of patients does not decrease during the corona crisis
  • Website:
  • No. of exhibitors: 500

  • Conference: Asco Gastrointestinal Cancer Symposium
  • Date & Location: Jan 21-23, San Francisco CA & Online
  • 2023 Edition theme: Applying innovation, transforming care, and advancing equity
  • Topics of interest: Cancers of the pancreas, small bowel, and hepatobiliary tract | Germline genetic testing in colorectal cancer: should it be performed universally?   
  • Website:
  • No. of speakers: 50


  • Conference: Latin America Conference on Lung Cancer
  • Date & Location: Jan 25-27, Montevideo Uruguay
  • 2023 Edition theme: Conquering thoracic cancers worldwide
  • Topics of interest: Radiotherapy innovation | Immunotherapy | Diagnosis, early stage and locally advanced
  • Website:

  • Conference: The Festival of Genomics & Biodata
  • Date & Location: Jan 25-26, London
  • Topics of interest: The latest developments from NHS Genomic Medicine | Integrating multiomics with evolution to understand the dynamics & drivers of cancer | Pushing liquid biopsy into routine diagnostics
  • Website:
  • No. of speakers: 150
  • BGI Genomics Booth: #54
  • BGI Genomics Showcased Products: Latest oncology screening and companion diagnostics for hereditary cancer, reproductive health NIFTY panels and POCT infectious diseases detection device


  • Conference: Medlab Middle East
  • Date & Location: Feb 6-9, Dubai
  • 2023 Edition theme: Paving the way to pioneering laboratory knowledge
  • Topics of interest: Healthcare trends on the horizon | Decentralization, Democratization | DTC Whole-genome sequencing testing
  • Website:
  • BGI Genomics Booth: Z6.B30
  • BGI Genomics Showcased Products: PM Easy Lab; Fully Automated Coagulation analyzer; Portable Coagulation Analyzer; Fully Auto Chemiluminescence Analyzer; Auto Hematology Analyzer; Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer; Dry Fluoroimmunoassay Analyzer.


  • Conference: IFC Global Private Health Conference
  • Date & Location: Feb 14-15, Capestown
  • 2023 Edition theme: Developing resilient health system in emerging markets
  • Topics of interest: Making smart investment choices in health | Health security, access and last mile connectivity | Local vs Global production
  • Website:

  • Conference: Oikos 2023 Conference
  • Date & Location: Feb 14-15, Helsinki, Finland
  • Topics of interest: Natural resources management and biodiversity
    Website: Oikos Conference
  • BGI Tech Attending: Yes

  • Conference: Medexpo Africa 2023
  • Date & Location: Feb 16-18, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Topics of interest: Africa’s biggest medical & healthcare event | Major upcoming healthcare impacts
  • Website:
  • BGI Genomics Attending: Yes


  • Conference: 6th International Conference on Rare Diseases
  • Date & Location: Feb 20-21, Amsterdam
  • Topics of interest: Rare genetic diseases horizon | Orphan drugs | Living with rare diseases
  • Website:


  • Conference: European Congress of Radiology
  • Date & Location: March 1-5, Vienna
  • 2023 Edition theme: The Cycle of Life
  • Topics of interest: Technical advances in thoracic imaging | The growing role of the radiologist in breast cancer treatment | MRI scanning with cardiac devices: the new routine
  • Website:


  • Conference: EAU 23
  • Date & Location: March 10-13, Milan
  • 2023 Edition theme: Cutting-edge science at Europe’s largest urology congress
  • Topics of interest: Challenges in supportive care in GU cancers | Progress and controversies in oncological urology | The road to evidence-based European policy on early detection of prostate cancer
  • Website:


  • Conference: 18th St. Gallen Breast Cancer Conference 2023
  • Date & Location: March 15-18, Vienna
  • 2023 Edition theme: Primary Theraphy or Early Breast Cancer. Evidence. Controversies. Consensus.
  • Topics of interest: Early breast cancer: do we need chemotherapy in low genomic/high clinical risk (ER+/HER2-)? | Genomics, Transcriptomics, ctDNA for disease monitoring and risk stratification | Global perspective on breast cancer treatment
  • Website:


  • Conference: Tech Summit on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
  • Date & Location: March 24-25, Narita
  • 2023 Edition theme: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Today & Tomorrow
  • Topics of interest: AI in healthcare | Biometrics & expert systems| Robot learning
  • Website:


  • Conference: European Lung Cancer Congress 2023
  • Date & Location: March 29-April 1, Copenhagen
  • 2023 Edition theme: Good Science. Better Medicine. Best Practice
  • Topics of interest: Prevention, screening and early diagnosis of thoracic tumors | Recent developments on molecular diagnosis and therapeutic classes for lung cancer | New challenges and opportunities with immuno and targeted therapies
  • Website: