BGI Long-read sequencing service on PacBio Revio


Service Description

Long-read sequencing can effectively solve some of the insurmountable problems in short-read sequencing and significantly improve the detection rate of large structural variation sites by constructing long fragment libraries.

Service Specification

BGI Long-read Sequencing Services are performed with the PacBio Revio long-read sequencing platform, and standard bioinformatics pipeline, which enables superior data quality , analysis results, higher throughput, and lower sequencing costs.

Multiple Types of Long-read Sequencing Services

BGI offers multiple services based on PacBio long-read sequencing, as well as supporting low-input library construction. All projects are supported by the professional laboratory and bioinformatics infrastructure.

Plant & Animal Genome Sequencing

 Plant & Animal de novo sequencing

T2T genome & pan-genome research

 Haplotype-resolved de novo assembly

 Plant & Genome whole genome resequencing: SV calling

Human Whole Genome Sequencing

● SV calling

 Total variation detection

 Population cohort study

 T2T genome and phasing

Long-read Transcriptome

 Full-length isoform RNA sequencing

 Profile expression at isoform resolution

 Reveal transcript structure information without assembly

 Single-cell Isoform sequencing

Epigenome Sequencing

 Methylation detection

Pre-made library Sequencing

 Sequencing only for PacBio Revio system

Microbial Genome Sequencing

 Bacterial/Fungal de novo sequencing

 16S Full-length sequencing