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    Join us at ASHG 2023 (Booth #309)


    We are excited to meet you in person at ASHG in Washington DC this year!  As a global multi-omics service provider, we are excited to announce the following programs at ASHG this year:

    Booth Exhibition:

    Come talk to us at our booth #309 to learn about our multi-omics analysis solution, a unique integration of NGS and mass spectrometry services. We have been the trusted DNBSEQ™ sequencing service provider in US since 2017 to support the genetics research community. Our US-based team allows additional integration of proteomics and metabolomics into a comprehensive portfolio of omics services for the academic and biopharma industries.

    Lunch Workshop:

    Speaker Graphic-2.png

    We’ve had the distinct honor of supporting two incredible researchers in the genomics field. Our two talks “The Additional Impact of Genetic Ancestry over Self-reported Race/Ethnicity to Prevalence of KRAS Mutations and Allele-specific Subtypes in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer” and “Full-Length RNA and RNA Velocity in Single Cells” will highlight the innovative genomic approaches that identify and treat a variety of diseases.

    Dr. Xin-An Wang from Harvard University specializes in population and molecular environmental health. She will give a talk on the additional impact of genetic ancestry over self-reported race/ethnicity to prevalence of KRAS mutations and allele-specific subtypes in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The interplay between self-reported race and/or ethnicity (SIRE) and genetically inferred ancestry (GIA) on KRAS mutations and allele-specific subtypes is largely unknown. Dr. Wang and her team analyzed patients from the Chinese OrigiMed (OM) cohort and Boston Lung Cancer Survival (BLCS) cohort all of whom had well-annotated baseline covariates including age at diagnosis, sex, clinical stage, SIRE, cancer histology and smoking status. Their findings reveal factors that can contribute to more accurate diagnostics and clinical decision-making, ultimately benefiting diverse patient populations of NSCLC.

    Dr. Tang received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). He served as research assistant professor and co-director of Nevada Center of Single Cell Research. Dr. Tang published over 25 articles in highly ranked international scientific journals in the fields of spermatogenesis and novel genome sequencing technologies. He also served as editor for Biology of Reproduction and re-viewers for Nature Communications, PIOS ONE, Cell Communication and Signaling (CCS). Dr. Tang currently serves as R&D director at BGI-Tech Global. Dr. Tang will deliver a talk on “Full-Length RNA and RNA Velocity in Single Cells.” During his presentation, he will introduce the differences between PacBio-based HIT-scISOseq and Nanopore-based FLOUR-seq. He will also discuss why RNA velocity software has become the most popular choice."

    These two lead scientists will present featured topics in Room 143AB of Walter E. Washington Convention Center from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM on Saturday, Nov 4th. Lunch will be provided for free!

    Special Promotions:

    We are glad to start offering our special fall promotions at ASHG. Visit BGI booth #309 to receive a 20% discount on our DNBSEQ™ NGS services and additional offers!


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